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Ships build in the Chatham Dockyard

The historic ships Unicorn and Achilles. The frigate Unicorn was built 1824 and is now in a state of restoration, thanks to the Unicorn Preservation Society of Dundee, Scotland. The Achilles was Chatham’s first ironclad battleship, built 1863.

Nelson’s flagship, the HMS Victory, built 1765, is now in dry dock in Portsmouth.

The X1, the first submarine to come from Chatham, was built in 1923.

Shown under the X1 are the arms of Sir Cloudesley Shovel, Admiral of the Fleet. This fascinating man’s life was cut short when he was Shipwrecked off the Scilly Isles. His remains lie in the graveyard of St. Margaret's church in Rochester.

Sir John Hawkins [1532-1595] was an Elizabethan navigator and naval reformer. He founded a Chatham hospital for seamen in 1592.

The Valiant, built 1759, was a 76 gun ship of the line. The Wooden Walls Exhibition at the Historic Dockyard features the building of the Valiant.

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