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All Saints, Maidstone

Window c1860 by WILLIAM WAILES (1809-1881)

1. Lower panel of window 24” × 22” | 61cm × 56cm. Damaged by vandals who had first to force aside the grille. Although the window is only 6ft (1.8m). above exterior ground level, there is a 12ft. drop to interior floor level and the intruders decided not to risk going further.

2. After conservation.

A week later the same damage occurred to the neighbouring window. Must have been a different burglar - or a slow learner!

Window dated 1907 by LAVERS & WESTLAKE

3. This is a high window and the fragments had shattered to every corner of the nave. Most of the fragments were recovered which was fortunate, as no pictorial record was available. By piecing the glass together we found enough detail to reproduce the damaged area accurately.

4. Lower panel 40” × 20” | 102cm × 51cm broken out by intruders. Local builders were called in to fix temporary security. The battens shown here are rather more hefty than is usually considered necessary for secure boarding.

5. After conservation.

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