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Frequently asked questions:

Welcome to our FAQ. This is a new section of GlassConservation.com and we hope that it will prove useful.



  • Someone has just broken my Stained Glass window! What should I do?
  • Do not throw any of the pieces away.
    • Sometimes the smallest fragment can provide crucial detail for the reconstruction of a window.
    • Even if the original glass can not be saved, recovered fragments may provide details that could save many hours of research. This will help to keep the cost of repairs down.
    • Contact a reputable glass conservator.
    • Have the window made secure, without causing further damage to the glass.
    • In the event of malicious damage, the police should be notified.
    • Notify your insurance company.
  • How do I care for my Stained Glass windows?
  • Talk to a qualified conservator.
  • Do not clean the window yourself, untold damage has been caused by well-intentioned attempts at cleaning.
  • Keep a photographic record of the window(s), including close detail.
  • We thoroughly recommend the booklet :- “a Fragile Inheritance – the care of stained glass and historic glazing”, by Sarah Brown and Sebastian Strobl, Current price £9.95 (UK pounds) and available from http://www.chpublishing.co.uk.
  • Where can I find an accredited conservator?
  • The United Kingdom Institute for Conservation (UKIC) will provide details of accredited conservators in stained glass as well as other disciplines.
  • The British Society of Master Glass Painters maintains a list.
  • Your local Diocesan Advisory Committee secretary can also advise.
  • How should I go about commissioning a new Stained Glass window?
  • For a private building, such as your home, simply contact some reputable stained glass studios to discuss your requirements.
  • For your local church, you should talk to the Diocesan Advisory Committee (DAC) Secretary at the Diocesan office for your church.
    • Ask them for a list of approved stained glass artists, preferably with locations of examples of their work.
    • Compare styles with a view to drawing up a short list.
    • Contact the artists to discuss your requirements.
    • They will supply a scale design, for which a design fee will be payable.
    • They will also supply a written estimate for completing and installing the window.
  • You must apply for a “faculty” from the DAC. Work should not commence until this has been obtained.
  • Where can I learn more about making Stained Glass windows?
  • As a hobby, a good place to start is your local Adult Education Centre.
  • For more serious students, there are a number of good courses, available throughout the country. See our links and addresses page for some contact details.
  • Details of these and other courses are available from the British Society of Master Glass Painters.
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